In Pain? Do Yoga!

In high school, I thought it was a good idea to do sports to stay in shape. So I ran track and played basketball. Over the summer, I was in a tennis program and ran more track. In doing these activities, my heart stayed pumping, I got stronger, and I learned some things like how to stretch before and after exercises to avoid pain.

Obviously I was not doing something right because I still feel acute pain in my right hip to this day, which I have been feeling ever since high school. I have been doing the stretches that are supposed to stretch out your hips, but has it helped me? NO! I guess looks can be deceiving, until you see me limping.

After going to college and leaving, I was more spiritual. My focus was on ‘how to be happy’. Dealing with schizophrenia has had me in mental turmoil and I was looking for a solution to where I would find peace and joy.

I worked on my mind to the point I can say that it is strong. My physical is getting there. The stronger my mind got, the stronger I got physically as well. But that was not enough. Feeling discomfort is not cool and I did and still do everything I can to do away with it. The pain in my hip was much deeper than what it appeared to be. It’s not a separate entity as how I was treating it at first but it connected to the rest of my body and I have definitely realized that the more I worked on my hip and went through life working. I have back, chest, arm, and ankle problems also. I have finally realized I had a posture problem.

I have been working on my posture ever since then. It have been such a difficult process. If I felt pain, I stretched. I tried eating right to keep my chakras balanced. I danced, sang, prayed, meditated, and worked out. Those things have all helped, but it was still not enough.

Recently I have been doing yoga with a trainer. I think I have found the missing link..! In doing yoga, you are working your whole body along with your mental state. In having a partner or trainer, you have someone there who can help motivate you and keep you in check. When you’re doing the poses, you’re not just focused on that hip, but on stretching and being in tune with your whole body and to do that your mental must be clear and concentrated. It’s a great feeling to be one with your body. I am not %100 there yet but I feel confidant that I will be someday. Having yoga poses in your head will help tremendously when you are in pain and need a remedy. It may seem like common sense to be able to do correct stretching techniques, but it’s deeper than you think. You don’t just put your arm across your chest, pull for ten seconds, and call that stretching. You must feel every muscle, the length of your bone, and the connection it has with the rest of the body, because it doesn’t stop at your arm.

Yoga is working for me because of the other things I have been doing: Singing, dancing, meditation/breathing, praying, exercising, and eating right. If it weren’t for those things I have been working on, yoga would be just another thing I would be going through the motions with without actually getting the full benefits. After I have done about an hours worth of yoga, I can definitely feel the difference in my state of being. I would sometimes sing to fill in some of the missing cracks. One day I will have an optimal routine for optimal performance. Already I have a quick relaxation formula which I am willing to share in another blog that really helps. You must definitely know how to breathe and meditate to get the full benefits out of yoga.

If you are looking to better yourself, I would HIGHLY recommend adding yoga to your routine. The poses may be frightening at first, but the more you practice, the better you will get. Your body will thank you so much! Peace.

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