Breathe Right and Live Better

If you play sports, sing, or dance, then you know how important it is to breathe right. When you are in control of your breathing, things go alot smoother. You have more stamina, your posture is improved, you think more clearly, and you feel a whole lot better.  How many times have you heard your coach tell you to put your hands on top of your head? To stand up instead of sit down? It is to give your lungs more room to breathe and to prevent cramps. Breathing right will help with nerves when giving a speech. As long as you remember to breathe, your speech will go along much more smoothly.

Posture and breathing go hand in hand. The better your breathing, the better your posture and vice versa. You may be good at a certain sport, but to be the very best you have to go even further. You have to get the technical things down packed. Every little thing that you do counts towards you performing your very best. Think of your chakras. Your body is your vehicle and you must master it! Challenge maybe?

Your diaphragm is used in breathing. It is below your lungs. As you inhale, your stomach expands and your diaphragm collapses. When you exhale, your stomach goes inwards and your diaphragm rises. Not everybody uses their diaphragm for breathing. They use their chest. They shallow breathe. One way to tell if you use your diaphragm or chest when you breathe is to lay down on a flat surface. Put a book on your stomach and see how much it rises. If the book is barely rising then you are probably using your chest to breathe. Another way to check is to do a little exercise. Jog in place or do a few jumping jacks. Do your shoulders move up and down a lot? If so, then you are probably shallow breathing. Do you get tired easily or your breathing is very loud compared to others? Maybe you are not using your diaphragm.

You can learn to breathe the correct way again. Babies naturally use their diaphragm. Watch a toddler run around. See how balanced they are or may be? They may seem like they are going to fall but yet they manage to stay up. They use their whole body. As we get older, the stress of life may get to us. Going to school and being bored in class may make you slump more. Work may make you forget about worrying about posture because you have many other things to worry about. We forget our natural ways and then wonder why our health degenerates. Energy barriers or stress build up inside of us until we become like concrete and stiff dried up sticks. Why can’t I touch my toes…

I’ve been on my breathing journey since early 2014. I have improved immensely. So many obstacles to overcome. So much pain, restless nights, and irritability on a daily basis in trying to be a better person. I’ve learned how to be my own chiropractor. I must have cracked almost every bone in my body at this point! I say this because breathing is a physical thing, it affects your whole body. As a person I can literally “feel” now whereas I have felt like a robot or a wooden puppet before. I do yoga, play games, dance, sing, meditate, and exercise. All of those things really help and I definitely recommend you do something similar. I am still on the journey but I have had major breakthroughs. I am more aware mentally, physically, and spiritually.

To breathe, is to be aware. You’re aware of your body and you’re aware of the environment around you. You take notice of changes and you are the change. Be of an open mind, free your imagination, and use logic to the fullest extent. Peace.


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