Disney Program Blog Post #1

Well, it’s finally here! The window is open and so is that door! (Frozen reference) But yes, I just started my Disney Program on Sunday, April 3rd. It’s only been a week that I’ve been here and it feels like a lot longer then just that. I will be living and working down here in Disney World in Orlando for the next four months! Who doesn’t want to live and work at the happiest place on earth?

I left the good old Midwest out of Milwaukee Airport on Saturday April 2nd which was a long travel day itself. My flight went from delayed twice to being cancelled. It was very nerve racking because this is the first time that I flew on my own that I had to actually stand in the long line of people to get my flight rescheduled. The thing that made the whole day crazy is that it was snowing in Milwaukee and then storming pretty hard just about all day in Orlando. Once my flight arrived at the Orlando airport; I found out that my bags didn’t make the plane..So I waited for roughly about up 2 to 3 hours late. Also, I would like to personally thank one of my friends, Val who was kind enough to come and pick me up and even wait with me for my bags to just arrive to the baggage claim area. It was a long night but I was really glad that it all worked out with getting my bags eventually to then getting dropped off at the hotel too.

April 3rd was our (Check In) day that’s where I find out where I will be living at. Here at the DCP we have four different apartment complexes. The three that I wanted to live in were either: The Commons, Patterson Court, and Chatham Square. What’s great is that all of the apartments have a pool for people in the program to use on their days off. In addition, you can legit walk to Publix, which is about a ten min walk depending how fast you walk to get the food that you need. I was lucky to get Patterson and live with two other roommates who are both from the West Coast.

The weather is great here so far because you can pretty much wake up and go to the Pool everyday and meet other people who are at the pool who work for Disney too!

The first week is pretty much just like a “Welcome to Disney Week” where you will fill out some employment paper work, find out your role location, and then go through a course (Traditions) which is a course that all new cast members take when they start to work at Disney. Once you take the course you then are officially considered a Cast Member here at Disney and you can get into any of the parks for free as many time as you want too! I know that I will take that perk of getting in for free to the best of my advantage! I will be working at for the Custodial Crew in Epcot’s Future Tomorrow (making that Disney Magic for many guests! If you don’t know what area of Epcot that is the Future Tomorrow that includes: Mission Space, Soarin’, The Seas with Nemo & Friends, Imagination, The Land, Turtle Talk with Crush, Spaceship Earth, Test Track, and various shopping stores along with Restaurants too!

Watch for more posts in the weeks to come!

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