Fly Butterfly Fly!

Butterfly hop from A to Z

Look! Catch her quick the ants all sing

Bee’s look around they buzz ‘round their mounds

The cats all scratch

And the dogs fetch the hound

Get her! They say

The hound sniff and howl

The elephants perk their ears

The frogs leap around

Gnats join together they

Formed a trap and sang to her

“Oh butterfly so pretty

We’ll give you an orange kitty!”

She spun round and round

Ignored them and flew

Contemplating that a kitty

Is too itty bitty

“We’ll give you a horse

Big and strong on all fours!”

Cried the gnats coming back

But the insects all boom

And begins to proclaim

“Butterfly, we’re so tired of your game!”

The jaguar meowed

And the kangaroo booed

While jumping in circles

The leper was wooed

“How could you?”

Said the mouse

Standing up on his pew

Whom was greatly aroused

And then out came his spouse

“Shoo! Go away! Please stop all that play!”

The butterfly heard that then off she flew away

“There she goes” shouts naked mole rat

Across the ocean, past bays

The octopus came for a look

The pink flamingo just stayed

A bold quail chirped

“I can catch her!” She says

The rabbit’s tails quirked

While the snail just laid

The turtles didn’t care

The urial bleated

The vulture stared

“I’m fast, yea, but my poor eyes can’t see her”

The animals say “get the wasp”

And he say “It’s Mr. Sir” to you

Then he flew off with his crew

The butterfly was unstoppable

There was nothing she couldn’t do!

She had curled her hair

And drank foreign nector

But the xerus squirrel said

“I can climb trees and

I’m known to catch fleas

Surely I can catch that butterfly

And I won’t even have to try”

The yak yakked and laughed

But zorro, oh that wily fox

Just sat back and said

“Aye let her alone!” Then took off his hat and topped


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