World of Coca-Cola

Last weekend I went to Atlanta Georgia to the World of Coca-Cola. It was a great trip and my first time to Georgia. It’s a place I would never want to live though. The traffic was horrible. Not as bad as New York though! After parking, we had to walk to our destination which took around 20 minutes. There was music performers on the streets and things for sale along the sidewalks. I picked up a few souvenirs along the journey.

When you first go into the World of Coca-Cola, you get a free coke! We are then taken as a large group around to see posters and commercials that the soda company used. There were so many! The videos were just awesome. The people that told us all the information to know really knew their stuff. We were able to view company documents also.


The art designs were awesome!


Here is the cola bear used in commercials. You get to take pictures with him.


My favorite part was trying all the different soda’s from the different countries. My favorite soda was watermelon flavored. I don’t remember the actual name. Other flavors to try were ginger ale, fanta melon frosty, fanta exotica, strawberry, and smart apple. Some of the places to try from were Latin America, North America, Thailand, Japan, and Africa. Some drinks tasted like medicine and water. I drank enough soda for days!

Here is where we tried all the different soda flavors.


Here, we are shown various artifacts and told information about the company.


At the end of the tour, we were shown a special place that was top secret. It was where the secret formula for the soda coca-cola was stored. There was a lot of hype about it. I was curious, but the whole thing was just to lead you on. Ha! We got to see a lot of documents and then finally the vault. It was a big vault. One guy actually tripped the alarm for getting to close.

Entrance to The Vault.

nisha in front of lock.jpg

At this station you can create your own soda label and have it displayed for all to see.


If you love soda, especially coca-cola products, I would suggest you go to the World of Coca-Cola!

More pictures!

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