Why Some Changes are Needed: Fire Emblem Fates to be censored

fire emblem

Games that come over seas tend to be altered for American players.  After all Japan has games in circulation that would be considered too lewd for this place.  Many visual novels tend to fall into this category, not to discredit the genre but many of them will more than likely never see the light of day over here.  Despite this certain genre, Nintendo decided to censor certain aspects of the next game in the Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem Fates. 

The changes in Fire Emblem Fate are reported as being “appropriate for that particular territory.”  In other words the changes that are made to the game are what is considered appropriate for the region that the game is released in.  While these changes might cause some debate as to rather or not they are necessary, but in order to understand what was removed it would be best to take a look at what changes have been made

The first change is towards the affection system in regards to the character Soleil.  Soleil is a female character that happens to be attracted to other women.  While this aspect wasn’t changed what was is what happens if a male protagonist develops a bond with her.  The protagonist will spike “her drink with a magic powder that reverses the gender of all character in her eyes.”  In other words if you are male she will see you as female, and if you are female she will see you as male.  Once the effect wears off, and if the bond is high enough with the protagonist then Soleil will continue to have the bond with him.  This could be viewed as changing her sexual preference.  In today’s environment it can be understood why Nintendo has decided to change this, despite not revealing how they changed it for American players.  On the other hand the next change could be called absolutely necessary.

The next change has to do with the pet system seen in Pokémon.  What is being petted is not a cute little monster, but the protagonist’s significant other.  It’s understandable why Nintendo removed this.  In a statement provided by Nintendo the company reported that “the main reason for removing it is to not have features that would be inappropriate for the region.”  Considering some of the things that others have found playing the game on Youtube it might have been for the best that this part of the game was removed.

While some may complain about censorship of this game, they need to remember the last game also had some censorship in it.  These type of alterations to games that come overseas aren’t uncommon and the alternative is not having the games at all.  So players need to look forward to February 19th.

Image courtesy of Nintendo

3 thoughts on “Why Some Changes are Needed: Fire Emblem Fates to be censored

  1. “This could be called changing her sexual preference.”

    Except she has zero S supports with any female characters. She has other S supports with males with no scenes such as this.
    She is not a lesbian.
    There is no “gay conversion” happening.

    Try doing some research rather than repeating what Dtoid and other clickbait trash vomit up.


    • Personally I agree with you. After all I view this as Nintendo just trying to avoid the conversation. Since as you point out that she has no S supports with female characters taking it out is stupid. Still it just seems that Nintendo is just trying to prevent backlash towards the game.


  2. So as not to confuse people Supports are gained by partnering characters with other characters. This includes the protagonist. Once the characters go through the tiers of supports they reach the S Ranking which means that the two characters get married and could have a child or children. In this instance Soleil will only have one child. As Edmund pointed out Soleil does not have an S support with a female character. This means that Soleil really isn’t gay or at least not able to get with a female character. Again as I said before it seems that Nintendo is just trying to avoid potential backlash towards the game.


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