5 Helpful Ghosts in Video Games

In keeping with the fact that Halloween is only just two days away it’s time to look into those supernatural beings that instead of bringing us fear in gaming they were helpful.  These nice specters instead of creating great fear in the player and characters actually went out of their way to help complete the game.  While these ghosts might be scary and horrifying in their own way they still managed to help players complete the game and for that they are considered helpful and some might say friendly.  Well let’s get to it, here are the ghosts that can be called a friend or ally in gaming.

5.  Dampé- The Legend of Zelda Series:

Dampé tends to show up a graveyards generally as the gravekeeper for various graveyards throughout Legend of Zelda games. While some ghosts tend to not be lookers due to the fact that they look the way they die, Dampé wasn’t a looker in life. The surprising thing is that this ghoul actually had a wife in Majora’s Mask. However looks can be deceiving and this ghost has helped Link and the player multiple times in the past.

  1. The Sorrow- Metal Gear Solid series:

The Sorrow was a member of Cobra Unit.  He had the ability to summon the dead and assume the combat abilities of the previously mentioned dead.  While this was his ability during life, he helped Snake in his afterlife in various ways.  Except for the fact he forced Snake to face the people that he had killed in the spirit realm as a means to “feel the sorrow of those whose lives he had ended.”  Despite this he still showed that he is a helpful spirit.

  1. Aerith Gainsborough- Final Fantasy VII and Spinoffs:

Now I’m sure you are wondering how she can be on the list.  This flower girl had Zack and Cloud both crash into the church she would visit.  While she seems to be just a simple girl she is in fact the last Cetra, and this means she can commune with the planet.  Now while this seems odd it is what she did after being impaled by Sephiroth which made her a helpful ghost.  Aerith aided the heroes by helping to destroy the meteor threating to hit the planet by using the lifestream of the planet to aid in its defense.

  1. Every Ghost type- Pokémon series:

It’s just simple to place all of the ever growing list of ghost types in one section.  At the time of this article there are 34 ghost types, and it is almost certain that number will increase over time.  This type of Pokémon is so helpful that prior to the 6th generation of games the type had no true weakness.

  1. Alma Wade- FEAR series:

Now many of you are thinking how can this particular spirit be helpful?  Well fear can cause many to do things they normally wouldn’t do.  This along with the fact that Alma is in fact the Point Man’s own mother tends to make her somewhat helpful.  Let’s face it nothing produces the flight or fight response more than seeing a small child going around conducting massive amounts of horrific acts.  Despite the fact Alma is in fact an adult, showing up as a child is still something people would not expect and causes people to get into moving thus causing action.

Now while these ghosts or specters tend to be helpful in their own way by saving a planet or scaring the player into action these ghost have most certainly earned their place.  Oh wait there is one last ghost to mention.

Honorable Mention

Type-32 Rapid Attack Vehicle aka “Ghost”- Halo series:

This vehicle has saved many a player by running away from action or running other players down.   This ghost deserves special mention.  The only catch with this ghost is that if a player is fast enough they can take over the vehicle from others.  In this case hope you are fast enough to retake it or move out of the range of fire.

Image courtesy of Patrick Nicholson

Now that this list is done have a Happy Halloween everyone!  Be sure to follow me on twitter @Sjtabler and be sure to follow Bear Scoop Media on twitter @bearscoopmedia1



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