If You Carve It, Haunt It, or Film It, They Will Come

It is that time of year again, when little boys and girls are considering how to best turn themselves into frightful creatures to scare some candy out of their neighbors.  What about the adults?  What is there to do during the fall and specifically during the Halloween season.  After all, if we dress up in creepy clothes and try to take candy from the neighbors, the neighborhood will just think we are odd.  Here are three Fall/Halloween traditional activities to take your mind off the fact that if you want candy, you will either have to buy your own, or steal it from a child that you know, and while you could do that, it goes back to that whole “neighborhood thinking we are creepy” thing.

  1. Pumpkins—I love the fall. The weather is cool enough to wear my sweater collection and boots and scarves rule the landscape.  I saw some of you girls cheating back in early September, wearing your knee high boots early and with shorts, for goodness sakes!  I digress.  One of my favorite traditions is painting/carving the pumpkin for the front porch.  Whether you are a traditionalist and favor the triangle shaped eyes and nose pumpkin or prefer to get creative with the many different stencils available, there is something so childlike and innocent about slicing into a fruit shaped like a head with a knife….um, sorry about that, let me try again.  There is something about carving pumpkins that transports us back to childhood.  This year, I will have that minion pumpkin I saw on Pinterest.  I MUST own it!  A friend of mine turns it into a party.  It is BYOP, (bring your own pumpkin) but she supplies all of the paints, carving tools and stencils. She also serves refreshments, and you just cannot beat that!
    2.  Scary Movie Marathon—I LOVE scary movies more than I love fall and pumpkins. I have to see every single one that comes out and then rate them.  The best of the best make my October movie list.  Snacks and the remote control is all that it takes to make this girl happy during October.  If you are lucky enough to live in an area that has a Haunted Drive In, you should absolutely make sure you go.  This year, my local drive-in will be screening the original Nightmare on Elm Street (rest in peace, Mr. Craven) and Rob Zombie’s Halloween.  I am absolutely SQUIRMING with anticipation!  For a list of scary movies that you must see if you call yourself a fan of the genre, click here.
    3.  Haunted everything—From the obvious Haunted Houses, Hotels and Insane Asylums, you can add trails, buggy rides, jails, schools. You name it.  If you ever wondered if the Smith house was a little more than creepy, you are likely to find out this time of year.  People go to great lengths to scare the hell out of their neighbors and community.  I am not sure what this says about us as a society but since we all flock to it like the people in “Field of Dreams”, I guess you could say, if you build it….ok we all know the line.  This year, I consider myself especially lucky as I get to go to the Haunted Amusement Park, that I have been trying to find a way to go see ever since finding out about its existence.  Finally, the owners realized that they could make money and are opening it up for exploration.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have a haunted amusement park in their back yard, but take heart, I promise you that you can find something haunted around your town to explore.  For a list of Haunted houses all around the country, click here.  Those are just the big ones. Start looking around for signs, there will be people in your community hosting a haunted something, I guarantee it.  Now if I can just remember where the Zombie run is this year.

I have my October plans made, how about you?  May your Halloween be as scary as you can stand it to be!  For more entertainment, including movie reviews, celebrity news and more, check out Bearscoopmedia.com and don’t forget to follow me @SheilaSalyers

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