Disney’s Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom

Hi from Disney’ Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom! Since I’m having a “Magical” time here in Disney, I don’t have all the time to write this post. But here are my Top 5 Personal favorite rides/ attractions at both parks.

Hollywood Studios:

  1. Tower of Terror: Enjoy a lovely stay at the Hollywood Tower Hotel where you go on a elevator ride through the Twlight Zone. The story is said that five people stepped into a elevator on a stormy night in 1939 where they went to the fifth dimension, the “Twlight zone”. Maybe you’ll rescue them?

  1. Frozen Sing Along

Enjoy a LIVE performance sing along with two goofy, silly, and funny Historians of Airedale who tell the story of Frozen. Anna comes out at the beginning and asks you the citizens of Hollywood land for your help to find her sister, Elsa who has weird icy snow powers. You’ll laugh and sing along with the rest of the story!

3. Aerosmith: Even though we didn’t get the chance go on the rollercoaster this year. I’ve gone on the rollercoaster in the past while my high school band was on their band trip to Disney World. You’ll experience what it’s like to live and be like a rockstar!

  1. The Great Movie Ride: You’ll get to go on a parade float type car and go through the classic scenes from Spectacular Hollywood movies of the century. Be aware of the gangster that takes you hostage while on it!


  1. Beauty & The Beast Performance: This is one of my favorite classic Disney movies of all time. The storyline is great! Belle at the very beginning of meeting the Beast could see something more into him. Just like Mrs. Potts says that there was something there that wasn’t there before!

Animal Kingdom review coming soon!

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