Disney’s Epcot Park

Hi from Disney’s  Epcot! Welcome back to reading my blog post about my family’s Disney Trip.

Yesterday, Thursday we went to Disney’s Epcot.

Here are my Top 5 personal favorite rides/ attractions.

1. The Club Cool Sponsored by Coca Cola: Now, I usually stick to Diet Soda, but this is the only exception that I make to myself when I go to Disney. I call it a “MUST” try sodas from around the world. You can try soda flavors from eight different countries such as Italy, Greece, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Peru, and Brazil. Two of my personal favorites: Bibo from South Africa which has a hint of Orange, Taka Strawberry, and Peach in it. The second flavor I like is the Melon Forsty Fanta that tastes just like the title says a Melon flavored frosty.

2. The Land’s Circle of Life and Soarin: Watching the Circle of Life movie made me think about the world environmentally and what we as a whole can do to make our earth environmentally better by simply recycling products and even transportation purposes by saving gas expenditure. Go and see it and I’m sure you’ll want to help change the earth and make it a better place too!

Now as for Soarin, which is a ride stimulator that takes you around numerous gorgeous views of California. After going on that ride it showed me how beautiful the United States are and can be. You’ll love the smell of flying over the Orange Groves and the smell of the evergreen forests along the river too!


3. Spaceship Earth Ride: Where you can go on a ride that I call “educational” and shows you how the world evolved what it is today. It takes you back to Cavemen times, Roman and Greek philosophers, the early part of the Radio and TV era to the current revolutions of today’s society.

4. The Sea’s with Nemo & Friends: A ride that takes you through the story of the movie Finding Nemo. My favorite part of the ride itself was at the end how they had the fish tank full of fish from the sea and a projector had the characters projected on the tank itself.

A second must go to this attraction at The Sea’s with Nemo & Friends is Turtle Talk with Crush. It’s a fun talk show for people of all ages. You learn about what it’s like being a sea turtle and overall how to talk like one cool DUDE too!

5. Figment: A ride with a scientist and his little yet troublesome purple and yellow dragon friend that let’s you sit back and relax and enjoy the fun of imagination.

Photos courtesy of Twitter and Video courtesy of YouTube

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