Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Hi from Disney’s Magic Kingdom!  My family and I are in Disney for the week it’s been one of many Magical Days until Sunday. I will keep you posted throughout the week of where we went and what we did. For planning purposes if you’re planning a trip to Disney World anytime soon be sure to follow my posts throughout the week.

Today we went on Small World, Dumbo, Splash Mountain, Belle’s Story Time, the Tikki Room with the Parrots that sing, Haunted Mansion, The Toy Story: Buzzlightyear Lasershooting Ride, and even got to take pictures with Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and even Chip & Dale.

Overall my personal top 4 personal favorite rides/attractions are:

  1. Splash Mountain- Best and a great water ride to go on and get wet!  Well that’s if you do want to cool off during a hot and sunny day of walking around the theme park. Brer Bear is a favorite of mine in the ride. Maybe that explains why we are called Bear Scoop Media? Personally, my nick name is Tim Bear given to me by my family because I guess you can say I am like a Bear? Another great song that puts a smile on your day is zip-a-dee-doo-dah. You”ll come off the ride singing it and even sing along with the many other characters of the ride itself!

2. Haunted Mansion-Hands down to me I would say that I really like this ride. Maybe I just like this ride because my birthday is in October? Plus as you know Halloween is just around the corner! Love the fall time too and everything that comes with it! Each scene of the ride has it’s very own unique section that represents exactly what was in the Disney Movie, “Haunted Mansion” I really like the graveyard part of the ride.

3. It’s a Small World Ride– Great ride for all ages. Never too old to see the dolls all around the world sing while going on the boat. Great old classic tune that you can get stuck in your head for years to come!

4. The Laugh Floor-A classic Monster’s Inc show put together by the very own Mike W. himself the small little humorous one-eyed green monster and the crew of Laugh Floor. My personal favorite is Roz the crabby slug receptionist lady who you can always laugh at her dull sense of humor. I can even do an impression…Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll post one somehow later?

Photos courtesy of Twitter and Video courtesy of YouTube

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