My top 10 Songs of the Week

Hello peeps! First off, i want to tell you that music is life for me. I listen to music daily and i am always on the lookout for new artists and music out there. If you have any recommendations please comment them below.

I have composed a list of 10 songs that I think you should all hear. You can find all of these songs on SoundCloud, which is my number one source for new music. If you don’t want to look up each of the songs, I have made a playlist for you on my SoundCloud. Just look up my name Monisha Mayo and you will find it on my profile.

So here are my top ten tracks of the week, enjoy enjoy!

1.  Andra Day – Rise Up

Andra Days voice is just amazing! Powerful message, very inspirational.


This is a nice track to listen to without vocals. Call me will ya haha!

3.  dFresh feat. Jovian Marshon – The Great Unknown

The lyrics are nice in this rap song! If you like mysteries and space and such then this is a must listen for you!

4.  D.R.U. – Sway feat. Stevie Harris

This song will definitely pull at your heart. It’s really deep and the voice that is singing is just amazing.

5.  Kiiara – Gold

Very unique song. The beat is exotic and the way the song is mixed is just crazy!!!

6.  Kygo – Nothing Left (ft. Will Heard)

Deep song and great voices. This song will have you pondering and breathless.

7.  Marian Hill – One Time

This song have a nice jazz feel to it. Great vocals and nice mix!

8.  ProblemChildKea – Let Me In feat. Miss CoCo

Hey shawty let him in already haha! Nice rap song!

9.  Ray Bandz – Down 4 Whatever

Aye! Shawty is down for whatever haha that’s what’s up! Nice rap song!

10.  Zara Larsson – Lush Life

Great catchy song! Love the beat, reminds me of playing video games!

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