There is Nothing Like Fall TV

I love autumn!  There are tons of reasons that I love the season, not the least of which includes the fact that pumpkin tasting and scented everything is not only permissible, but encouraged.  The leaves changing, warm sweaters and bon fires, oh yes, I love fall.  One of the best things about fall is the return of all of our favorite shows.  While sadly, we have had to say goodbye to some of the characters that we have grown to love because there show ended.  I need a moment of silence right here for Sons of Anarchy….ok, I am alright now, the shows that are coming back will have to be the balm for those wounds of departure.  Here are the top five shows that I am looking forward to returning, with their return dates:

Logo property of abc

Logo property of abc

1.     Once Upon A Time—September 27—Ok, I was one of those people, when asked if I watched Once Upon A Time a year ago, I rolled my eyes and started mumbling about princesses.  I am happy to have one friend that would not let me get by with ignoring this gem.  It took about three episodes before my husband just started bringing me food to wherever I was sitting watching it, because he realized that I was a goner!  A couple of months of binge watching and I caught up with the rest of the world in time to watch the season four finale with everyone else.  Without giving anything away for those still playing catch up, I cannot wait to see what Emma Swan will be like when the first episode of Season five airs.  Just a bit of advice on this one.  You will get more out of the show if you do invest the time and catch up on the previous seasons.
Logo property of AMC

Logo property of AMC

2.     The Walking Dead—October 11—Ah, Rick and company.  I resisted watching this show for months as well.  I have never been one that liked zombie movies, I like witches and vampires, but found zombies to be dull.  Then, one night, I made the mistake of watching an episode.  I will blame my baby sister for that one.  Again, goner.  One good thing, my husband was hooked as well so I did not get “the look” for my binge watching, I got a partner in crime!  The only problem we encountered was no one to make sure we ate.
Logo property of ABC

Logo property of ABC

3.     How To Get Away With Murder—September 24—There are very few shows that I see coming out as a brand new show that I make sure I catch from the first episode, but How To Get Away With Murder was one of those shows whose commercials that held my attention.  Hoping to not be disappointed I tuned in and was so glad I did.  I relish not being able to guess the ending of a show or season and boy oh boy did Annalise, and her crew made sure to give me great TV—If the second season is anywhere close to as good as the first, I will be tuned in every Thursday!
Logo owned by CBS

Logo owned by CBS

   4.    CSI: Cyber—October 4—My husband was the one who caught this show’s previews and decided we would check it out.  In true CSI and SVU format, crimes are generally solved within the hour, making for a satisfying watch.  The    overall story in the background of the groups fearless leader adds a nice undertone which came to a head in the Season finale.  The great thing about this show is you do not have to invest the time to watch all of season one if you don’t want
to.  With a new storyline in each episode, this is one that you can start watching immediately and follow along.
5.     American Horror Story—October 7—This is one of those shows that people either hate or love.  It is a little warped I must say, but if you ever want to feel better about your own life, a few episodes of this one will have you feeling pretty good.  This season’s theme is going to be “Hotel” with last year’s “Freak Show” being what got me hooked on the series to start with.  One great thing about this one is that as long as you catch the first episode of each new season, you are good to go because each season is a totally different story, and uses most of the same actors playing different roles.  Admittedly, this one may not be your cup of tea, but it is certainly my cup of pumpkin spice latte.

I have my DVR set, how about you?  Don’t worry, I have now amassed a stack of take-out menus.  We will not starve this year!  For all of your entertainment needs, please visit and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @SheilaSalyers

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