Batman: Arkham Knight Patch Released for PC

After almost about 4 months of issues and even being pulled due to reports of numerous performance issues, low quality textures and glitches, it now appears that the sun has finally shined.  A patch that fixes many of the issues on PC that were reported on Batman: Arkham Knight has been released on Stream.  In addition to this Warner Brothers has stated that while some issues have been resolved others still remain that will be addressed in a future patch.  All in all this entire issue has been one huge fiasco.

This whole issue goes back all the way to when the game was released.  PC gamers began to complain that the game was not meeting expectations and that numerous glitches.  In addition to this two unidentified sources even stated that Warner Brothers were aware of the numerous issues that plagued the game and decided to release it anyway.  The reason behind releasing a broken game was attributed to the fact that Warner Brothers believed that it was good enough.  After about two weeks of constant complaints from PC gamers Warner Brothers decided to pull the game from sales for that platform and decided to work on improving it.

While the patch does fix some of the major issues some still remain.  Here are some of the issues that Warner Brothers has listed as being fixed by this patch:

  • Reduced frame rate hitches
  • Optimizations for system memory and VRAM usage
  • Improved performance on all GPUs
  • Fixed low resolution texture bugs

The list goes on to add much needed improvements.  While this patch does fix some of the issues that were mentioned by gamers it never really should have come to this.  The game should have been ready when it was released or at least had the same quality as both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  At least after the complaints of the PC gaming community Warner Brothers owned up to the mistake that it made and pulled the game.

This issue should really be a lesson towards game creators and the industry in general, and that lesson is if you have a game releasing on multiple platforms then you really should try to make the presentation of the game be equal to that of all the platforms it is releasing on.  Otherwise you should be prepared to face thce backlash that comes with releasing an incomplete game.  Image courtesy of Gamer’s Little Playground

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