Chicago Aspiring Artist: Hailey Rowe

Chicago native and aspiring singer and songwriter, Hailey Rowe, grew up with her very own performing stage in her basement. Hailey as a child used to always make up songs and perform them with her friends. To her, this was WAY more fun than playing sports, taking dance lessons, or doing other hobbies most kids commit during their childhood.

As a business/entrepreneurship major at Loyola Marymount University, Hailey has a LOT of dreams and ideas. Therefore, she chose to get a business degree to gain confidence and knowledge about how to execute these ideas. It’s been said, “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

Throughout her various performances she’s had someone say that she sounds like Natalie Merchant. When it comes to role models, some of the singers that motivate Hailey individually are Shakira, Michael Bublé, & Lana Del Rey. Each and every one of their voices is unique! However, when it comes to her inspiration performance-wise, Madonna certainly knows how to entertain.

Two of her singles that are destined to be hits are “My Boyfriend is Gay” and “Don’t Need Your Approval.” Both are very creative and catchy. In addition, they reveal the realities of life. For instance, in this day and age some of Hailey’s actual girlfriends have dated men who have later come out as gay. From that experience, she later asked her gay friends for their thoughts on the idea, and the song took on a life of its own!

On the other hand, her most recent hit single: “Don’t Need Your Approval” sends a positive and empowering message in the song about loving who you are, even if you personally don’t live up to society’s standards.

One of the things that really intrigues me about Hailey is that besides her identity as an active college student and singer, she is also a personal trainer and a Beach Body coach! If you’re a person who wants to make your life better in terms of health and fitness, Hailey advocates getting great quality sleep, adding more healthy fats and vegetables to your diet, and continuing to explore/try new things such as health podcasts, various books on nutrition, trying new workouts like Cross Fit, and etc. As a Beach Body Coach, another piece of advice: Know yourself. Stick to what works for you instead of what the media is preaching, what your friends are doing, what celebrities are doing, etc.

Although Hailey is a student out in L.A. she loves spending time with her family because she misses and loves them so much when she’s in school. Her hometown, Chicago,“is so clean, beautiful, and filled with nice people!” When home, she loves to attend various Chicago comedy clubs such as Second City.

Video courtesy of YouTube and Kevin Boston.

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