5 Things to do in Naperville

If you’re looking to get a way for a time by taking a short stay-cation with your family, or if you’re from the Mid-West area of the states, then I would suggest take a day trip to Naperville, Illinois. Some of the top 5 things to do in Naperville, Illinois are:

The River walk

What a great place to go out and take a stroll along the DuPage River or rack up the miles on 1.75 miles of the brick paver trail. My personal opinion about the river walk is that it makes it a perfect place to go on a date with that special someone or with your friends who you haven’t seen in a while. One of the MUST see things is the Dick Tracy comic strip intelligent police detective statue.

Centennial Beach

It’s one of my personal favorite places to go during the summer and swim and relax with family and friends. Centennial Beach is one of the most unique outdoor pool/ beaches of its kind. The reason being is that limestone was dug out from its location for the neighborhoods houses’ foundations. Later after the digging was done it was turned into a quarry with spring fed water for locals and tourists to come and swim in.

Tour North Central College

After almost just about five year being involved in North Central College as both a undergraduate and Graduate Student I fell in love with North Central. The college is spaced out in the 65 beautiful acres of the Historic District of Naperville. According to “U.S. News & World Report” ranks it one of “America’s Best Colleges” and Naperville is even rated by Money Magazine as among the nation’s “Best Places to Live.” You should even attend a sports game and or a musical performance at the college too.

Naper Settlement

Go to the Naper Settlement. This family-friendly outdoor history museum features roughly 12 acres of learning and interactive opportunities for all ages. As a visitor you will be immersed in the history of Naperville both past and present, from pioneer times to today. Naper Settlement is just blocks away from dining, shopping and the Riverwalk.

Millennium Carillon

Naperville’s Millennium Carillon is by far one of the best 72-bell instruments. You can go on a tour if you get the chance to. The bell tower lets you see the beautiful city of Naperville from above. It’s been reported that on a clear day you can even see Chicago from the distance. The Carillon offers free concerts to the public throughout the year especially the MUST go to Spooktacular Halloween music concert in October. The Carillon is open for tours weekdays from 10am to 4pm and Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm

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